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LAUDA Mobifreeze

Mobile, battery-powered and precisely temperature-controlled – the world’s first mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer.

Welcome to the world of professional cooling. The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer guarantees safe and reliable deep-freezing, with active temperature control, ensuring that the cold chain is reliably maintained in intralogistics and inter-factory transport in road logistics. Thanks to excellent insulating properties, the ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the perfect solution for transporting delicate and temperature-sensitive materials. Many extremely sensitive samples not only have to be stored under validates conditions, but also have to be transported under identical conditions. Our ultra-low temperature chest freezer guarantees mobile, low-temperature transport.

Dispensing with dry ice

The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the logistics solution for the transport of temperature-sensitive-samples – entirely without dry ice. Dispensing with hazardous dry ice and its requirements (aeration, health protection), not only protects the environment but also eliminates health risks, as well as the costs incurred when using dry ice. It also provides increased safety for handlers.

Optimum product temperatures from -86 to -50°C

Stationary and mobile hybrid use facilitates safe logistics, even in the even of transport delays, and avoids the need for transfer, thereby reducing errors and sample contamination. The temperature is easily adjustable between -86 and -50°C, with the same consistency as is customary in validated stationary devices. Controlled transport conditions are therefore created, guaranteeing seamless integration of the cold chain.

High-performance integrated battery

The high-performance battery permits flexible switching between mains and battery power. As soon as the battery is connected to the mains and battery power. As soon as the battery is connected to the mains, the device switches to mains power and the battery is charged up within a short time. The battery has a life of up to four hours at a working temperature of -80°C.

Fields of application

Intralogistics includes all processes from incoming goods and storage in internal transport and outgoing goods. The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezers secure the cold chain during transport.

  • Short-distance transport for sensitive, valuable materials
  • Controlled transport conditions identical to storage conditions

Cold Chain Logistics includes the transport of temperature-sensitive goods, posing major challenges for all involved. The Mobifreeze provides significant advantages in this area thanks to its high-quality low-temperature management.

  • Transport without dry ice
  • Ideal product temperature
  • Active cooling

Hybrid use is possible as the Mobifreeze bridges the phases of transport in a manner that guarantees deep-freeze storage without the health risks of continuous filling with dry ice. Flexible changing from storage to transport without any transfer process, allows product-friendly logistics without the risk of damage or contamination.

  • Pharmaceutical companies engaged in research and production
  • Long-term storage and transport in pharmaceutical environments
  • Sample storage and transport in research & development laboratories

LAUDA Ultratemp

The LAUDA Ultratemp is powerful and dynamic, as is typical in biotech and industrial applications, this process circulator is able to provide high heating and cooling outputs within a moderate temperature range. High external volumes can be quickly heated up and cooled down again with outputs for 25 to 50kW.

Can be used worldwide

The devices are available with a 400V; 3/PE; 50Hz & 460 V; 3/PE;60 Hz bi-frequency power supply and can therefore be used worldwide. There is also a device model with 400V;3/pe: 50 Hz, which has been optimized for mains frequency at 50Hz. All variants can be operated within an ambient temperature range of -15 to 50°.

Robust and easy to clean

The Ultratemp process circulators are available with protection level IP 54 as standard. The high-quality stainless steel housing is protected against splash water and allows for easy cleaning of the surface.

Easy operation and remote monitoring

Intuitive operation is provided directly at the device via function buttons and an LCD. Furthermore, the devices can be controlled via PC with an integrated web server. The devices are prepared for the cloud-based digital applications from LAUDA. These offer intelligent analysis and monitoring tools, as well as remote maintenance functions that maximise the operating time, reliability and performance for all LAUDA devices.

Application-optimized equipment

The Ultratemp process circulators enable exact regulation to an external temperature within a range of -5 to 60°C. Their high temperature stability of +-0.5K guarantees a precise temperature in the application. The water-cooled design minimised the heart emitted to the environment. Use with non-flammable liquids such as water or water/glycol provide easy handling and low operating costs.

Fields of application

The Ultratemp process circulators round off the LAUDA portfolio in the upper performance range of biotech and industrial applications.

The Ultratemp portfolio includes three models of constant temperature equipment with high heating and cooling capacities, especially for bioreactor applications with reactor volumes from 2000 to 5000 litres.

LAUDA offers temperature control solutions in all the requisite performance classes for applications in the biopharmaceutical industry and for the biotechnical processes. The Microcool circulation chillers and PRO process circulators are available for laboratory reactors. The temperature of reactors with 200 to 2000 litres can be controlled with process thermostats from the Variocool and Integral lines. The new Ultratemp line means that LAUDA now offer solutions for reactors and mixers with a volume of up to 5000 litres.