Looking for a fulfilling job? Become a lecturer and train the next generation of engineers!

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Are you passionate about engineering and keen to inspire others to pursue a career in your field? Are you seeking ways to boost your pension and enjoy more family time? If you’re eager to share your expertise with the next wave of workers, perhaps you should consider becoming an engineering instructor or lecturer?

Do I have what it takes to become a lecturer?

If you like working with young people, have great people and communication skills as well as industry experience, time management and organisational skills, you have what it takes to become an instructor! Any additional experience working with apprentices or training junior staff would be an advantage. Our team will help you move into education and support you throughout the process every step of the way.

What does the job look like?

A day in the life of an engineering educator involves teaching 16 to 19-year-old students in a classroom or workshop, sharing your theoretical and practical knowledge of working in the engineering industry, assessing the standard of their work, providing constructive feedback, and preparing them for a career in engineering.

Depending on your experience and preferences, you can become a lecturer and spend more time in the classroom, or a lecturer and provide more practical knowledge in the workshop.

What are the benefits?

Here are just few out of many benefits of becoming an educator:

  • More paid holidays – lecturers and instructors can get up to 52 days annual leave with bank holidays, as well Christmas shutdown time!
  • Teachers’ pension scheme with an employer contribution of up to 28.6% – further education providers will pay the employer’s contribution to your pension.
  • No shift work – all lecturers and instructors work Mon-Fri, maximum five times a week.
  • Funded training and progression – provider will train you on the job, invest in you and offer ongoing professional development to support you through your career.
  • Job satisfaction – you’ll gain satisfaction from sharing your industry knowledge and experience with your students and have a direct impact on shaping the next generation of engineers.

Why work with jjFOX?

We have a dedicated team of experienced recruiters specialising in the engineering sector who are ready to help you with the transition from trade to education. Our specialists have the insight knowledge of the market and organisations and will be happy to share them with you to help you secure your first exciting role.  They also know the recruitment process insight out and will assist you in the interview preparation if needed.

Our consultants will act on your behalf and help you negotiate the salary. This means no awkward conversations between you and your future employer. And, most importantly, our service is free of charge for candidates. You won’t have to pay for our help.

What jobs are available?

We work closely with a variety of further education providers across the UK, who are always on a lookout for instructors, assessors and lecturers in the following sectors:

  • Automation
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Fabrication/Welding
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Do I need a DBS check?

Working with students under 18 requires a DBS check. You need to be enhanced DBS checked, which can be done through us; we have a specialist in-house vetting team that can help you with this and address any queries you may have.

How do I become a lecturer/instructor?

Whether you are considering a part-time, contracted position or want to transition into a full-time teaching career, we have a variety of roles available for you. Your first step will be to get in touch, discuss your options and send us your CV.

If you don’t hold any teaching qualifications, don’t worry. Due to staff shortages, a lot of organisations will be happy to train you on the job and provide funding to your courses.

Interested and curious to find out more? Make your first move and get in touch with our team today!

Email us on contact@jjfox.com or, alternatively, visit our website https://www.jjfox.com/candidates2

Your new, exciting career awaits!