BIG KAISER Expands Hydraulic Chuck Line for 5-axis Machining

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As a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions, BIG KAISER has now expanded its jet-through hydraulic chuck line to include the BCV interface and additional inch sizes. Available in the UK from Tamworth cutting tool experts, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the new tooling systems are ideal for the automotive, aerospace, medical and mould and die industries.

Perfect for high-precision 5-axis machining with a maximum speed of 35,000rpm, the new HDC jet-through type holders are now available with a clamping range of ¼” to ½” to fit virtually any application.

Adding to the existing metric range, the new imperial type has an exclusive thread feature that allows for convertible coolant delivery between jet-through coolant or through tool coolant delivery. The jet-through hydraulic chucks are ideal tool holders for finishing applications that would benefit from improved coolant delivery as the coolant flows through the end of the tool holder and is angled to be efficiently directed to the cutting tool tip. For any manufacturers interested in greatly improving surface finishes and tool life, the HDC hydraulic chuck line is now available from ITC. The BIG KAISER HDC tool holders are simple to use with only a single Allen key wrench needed to clamp or loosen the cutting tool, making tool changes fast and easy without the need for special equipment. The precision of the new imperial dimension HDC toolholder is guaranteed to 0.00012” TIR at 5-times diameter. If you want to find out more this exceptional tool holder, please contact Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).