Compact new HYSTER® LITHIUM-ION PALLET TRUCKS to boost efficiency

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Hyster Europe has launched an ultra-compact lithium-ion pallet truck for loads up to 1.5 tonnes. The new PC1.5 Pallet Truck, powered by a lithium-ion battery, can deliver greater efficiency than a hand pallet truck.

“For those currently using hand pallet trucks in the warehouse, switching to the new PC1.5 brings efficiency gains, without complex maintenance requirements,” says Matt Hardy, Solutions Manager EMEA for Hyster Europe. “Operations with lean fleets will benefit from these dependable pallet trucks that are ready to go when needed.”

Simple to use, the new lithium-ion pallet trucks offer significant benefits to the operator compared to a hand pallet truck, with powered travelling, lifting and lowering. Despite the small and lightweight design, the Hyster® PC1.5 can lift up to 1.5 tonnes and helps overcome manual handling concerns when pushing or pulling heavy loads.

The tough and robust frame is extremely compact for use in tight spaces, and the truck is designed to give good performance on gradients, helping to support operator productivity. The motorised pallet truck design can work at a higher intensity than a hand pallet truck, helping to reduce the strain on operators.

When the lithium-ion battery needs replacing, operators get a re-charge alert and, in just six seconds, can exchange it, keeping the operation running with minimal interruption. A spare battery is included to support continuous operation, while an optional large battery with three-hour fast charger is available where the application demands it.

“The ultra-compact PC1.5 pallet truck is designed to be tough and reliable enough to stand-up to daily operational challenges, but with a low cost of ownership,” says Matt. “It is easy to service, with simple maintenance requirements, similar to a hand pallet truck.”

The model features maintenance free components, such as a brushless drive motor and lithium-ion battery, as well as a durable steel frame and protective cover, and 60-second drive wheel replacement.

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