Beckwood to Deliver 200-ton Forming Press to Metal Forming Industries

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Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic and servo-electric presses, automation systems, and the Triform line of precision forming equipment, was recently awarded a contract by Metal Forming Industries to manufacture a 200-ton hydraulic forming press. Scheduled for delivery later this year, the press will be used to make copper components used in the utility industry.

The custom 4-post press will feature 200 tons of force with a Delta high-speed motion controller to achieve positional accuracy within +/-0.005” or better. A 20-ton ejection cylinder will strip the finished part from the tool and present it for easy removal. To overcome the deflection caused by point-loading of the tool, additional rigidity will be added to the press structure. With a fast approach speed of 373 inches-per-minute (IPM) and a retract speed of 299 IPM, this press will decrease Metal Forming Industries’ current cycle times by 50%. 

Also included is Beckwood’s proprietary Pre-Preventive Maintenance system (PPM) which uses closed-loop monitoring to analyze system performance and notify the operators and maintenance crews when service is necessary. Pump efficiency, safety system status, filter cleanliness, valve performance, oil condition, and more can be closely monitored from the press’ HMI to prevent unplanned downtime.

“Metal Forming Industries approached us wanting to increase speed, accuracy, and precision in their forming operation,” said Beckwood sales engineer, Caleb Dixon. “Through consultation and creative engineering, we were able to design a press that meets their operational needs for years to come.”

Mark Easterling, Chief engineer at Metal Forming Industries, writes “Here at MFI, management recognized that we have limited surplus capacity. And, with the age of our existing equipment, the potential for unexpected downtime and high repair costs is a major concern. I was given the task to find another press. After searching the used equipment market, it was apparent I was not going to find what we needed. I decided to contact Beckwood, knowing about their ability to build custom presses. From the time I made the initial web contact request until receipt of a formal quote, to our specs, was 2 days. Impressive!  And to our surprise, the price was affordable. Looking forward to working through this project with Beckwood.”