Farnell sponsors Team HyperShock in new season of BattleBots

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Farnell’s line, Multicomp Pro, is honored to sponsor and support Team HyperShock in the 2023 season of BattleBots airing in January

Multicomp Pro, exclusively sold by Farnell, today announced its sponsorship of Team HyperShock in the seventh season of the hit robot combat television series, BattleBots.

Team HyperShock, captained by Will Bales, had an exciting Season 6 where they earned themselves the award for Most Destructive Robot, making them one of the most awarded teams in the reboot with 3 Giant Bolt awards. HyperShock also holds the record for the fastest KO in the reboot, throwing Skorpios out of the arena in just 24 seconds in BattleBots: Champions.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the three-year anniversary of launching the Multicomp Pro brand than to sponsor the most exciting BattleBot,” said John Casiello, Global Marketing Manager – Multicomp Pro at Farnell. “To be successful in BattleBots, a team must have a well-engineered bot, be willing to take risks, and overall, have fun while doing it. It’s the engineering way and Multicomp Pro is happy to support Team HyperShock.”

“Special thanks to Multicomp Pro for sponsoring us and providing some great equipment to build HyperShock. From supplying the Multicomp Pro tools and equipment to supporting us through all the craziness of getting here this year. It’s been a wonderful season and I can’t wait to showcase everything we’ve done together,” said Will Bales, HyperShock Team Captain.

Multicomp Pro is developed by engineers for engineers and features products and components that meet the quality standards engineers require and the value they need to build and maintain quality projects, even destructive robots, at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. The Multicomp Pro range includes more than 70,000 products and is suitable for engineers at any level, with average savings of 20% percent compared to branded products.

element14 Community, a part of Farnell, will also be presenting exclusive interviews, photos, videos and contests with Team HyperShock.

Farnell customers can explore the Multicomp Pro products offerings and learn more about how Farnell can help them with their own projects at https://uk.farnell.com/b/multicomp-pro

To learn more about Team HyperShock and the BattleBots series visit:
Website: www.hypershock.tv

Social Media: @HyperShockTV