Altus Achieves Record Installations in the UK with Heller’s Innovative MK7 Convection Reflow System

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Altus Group, a leading supplier and service provider of capital equipment for the electronics industry, has revealed that since partnering with Heller Industries, they have seen unprecedented installations throughout the UK particularly following the launch of the new MK7 convection reflow system thanks to its ground-breaking design and features.

The new MK7 line of reflow ovens have been hailed as the most economical systems ever released. Building upon the remarkable success of the MK5 oven, the MK7 brings significant advancements in various aspects of reflow technology.

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group, said: “The response to the Heller MK7 reflow ovens in the UK have been extremely positive. The innovative improvements in energy efficiency have been especially important but there are also advances in thermal management, ease of operation and maintenance which have caught the attention of electronics manufacturers and resulted in record numbers of installations.

“Our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions that maximise productivity, minimise costs, and increase performance are integral to Altus. Heller Industries’ innovative solutions perfectly align with these objectives.”

One of the key highlights of the high-throughput MK7 is the redesigned thermal heating zone, which effectively reduces thermal mass and brings the fans closer to the product. This update includes an enhanced low height heater module providing the lowest Delta Ts for superior thermal uniformity and improved air flow. MK7’s clever design and Industry 4.0 compatibility ensures its seamless integration into existing production setups for those already using Heller’s systems.

Energy consumption of the MK7 has been reduced by at least 25% compared to the MK5 which was a market leading system when launched, with the Uniform Gas Management system eliminating ‘net flow’ which results in nitrogen consumption reductions of up to 40%. The energy required for start-up has also been significantly reduced, improving the speed of initialisation. Additionally, the reduced thermal mass in the heating zone, coupled with new software-based energy reduction capabilities, further enhance the efficiency of the oven when idle.

Heller’s state-of-the-art reflow oven offers unparalleled advantages and continues to be one of Altus’ most sought-after options in the UK and Ireland. To find out more visit