2,000 cable harnesses turned round in a week for global electronics specialist

Company News

Convert Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, announced today (24 July 2023) that it had successfully turned around a delivery of 2,000 harnesses within a week of taking the enquiry from Texecom, the global electronic and digital security specialist.

Texecom’s original supplier had let them down and they were on a very tight deadline for their customer. After a referral from a PCB manufacturer, they put a call into Convert on the Wednesday, who immediately ordered enough parts to provide samples, and sent the drawings.

Convert began sourcing materials and quoting the following day (Thursday) and received a purchase order for 2,000 pieces.

The team of Convert engineers produced a test harness and electrically verified everything on the Friday, starting production on the Monday by cutting cables, for assembly the following day. The assembly included 5 cables, 3 connectors and an EMC ferrite core. The 2,000 pieces were delivered in three batches from the Tuesday through Thursday – less than a week from initial phone call to first delivery.

The tricky bit for Convert was the tooling and they also had to build a special applicator tool for crimping for wire preparation, turning around two tools in a week (normally that would have been a 6-8 week lead-time). Convert was able to reduce this time as it had invested in its supply chain and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture its own tooling.

For its part, Texecom, in Lancashire, put the samples through its usual quality control and found the parts perfect. They also quickly expedited the whole process. It then placed an order for a further 10,000 pieces.

Chris Wright, Texecom’s Head of Materials, Purchasing, Planning & Logistics, said

“We needed these harnesses urgently so that we could deliver what our customers needed.  However when a supplier let us down at the last minute, we knew we had to find a reliable company quickly.

“Convert stepped into the breach and in a no-nonsense, no drama fashion, took the brief and delivered exactly what we needed well within our required timescale. What they don’t know about harnesses and looms could be written on the back of a postage stamp, and they have invested in their process to enable an extremely quick turn-around. Definitely the go to company for any harnesses or cable assemblies.”

Dave Lord, Convert’s Managing Director, said:

“We have the ability to produce very quickly and very accurately. However the key is to maintain a high quality while developing, testing and producing. We can do this because we have a team of highly skilled engineers and efficient equipment.

“In this case we were really pleased to be able to support Texecom, who worked tirelessly with us to make the whole process seamless and fluid.”

Convert specialises in the automotive, public transport and scientific/medical sectors, manufacturing cable harnesses for car head and rear lights, passenger gates at railway stations and a range of scientific equipment.

For more information, visit www.convertltd.co.uk or  https://www.texe.com.